Fischer Annie Music School of Budapest has been operating successfully for 65 years, currently with more than 960 students aged 5-22 years and 80 music teachers. With the exception of oboe, organ and harp, our music school provides a high level of music education for all instruments (. We have been always focusing on early talent recognition as well as on preparing would-be professional musicians for their higher education. We have a properly established strategy for these objectives, proven by several victories in music contests and the many widely known musicians and music teachers in Hungary and Europe who started to learn music in our school. We provide our students and teachers with the opportunity to participate in appearances, local and international professional workshops (Switzerland, Slovakia, Finland, Italy, Poland etc.) to ensure continuous talent management.

Talent is recognized in time, and our students get the educational load and opportunities for regular appearances in line with their abilities, with their development being monitored continuously (regular consultations, auditions with the head of the department, professional consultant, or occasionally a college professor). Continuous talent management has always been a core activity of our 65 year-old institute, also proven by educational documents archived annually by our school, including the name of the student enlisted, the documentation of our outstanding local, national and international competition results, and the name of the now reputable artists who had attended our music schools. Our teaching staff includes several excellent professionals who had been the students of our institute. Our scope of activities has been expanded by our successful applications that provide funds to participate in international workshops and competitions, foreign festivals, to hold a workshop to our student and teachers with international instructors, and to organize summer talent management camps to our student.

The doors of our music school are open to fellow teachers and talented students (and their parents) to have a look at a workhouse of the unique Hungarian music education!